Living Arts


Living Arts Director

Adult, Youth and Family Wellness facilitator

Tanya’s creative wellness programs are empowering, practical, and nourishing. Participants cultivate integrative physical, mental, emotional and energy awareness and life tools in a unique, fun, safe and participatory way.

Sessions incorporate living arts practices such as yoga, mindfulness, storytelling, crafts, affirmations, rhythmic games and drumming in an accessible process.

Self – esteem, self – care, the ability to self – regulate, concentrate, establish appropriate boundaries, listen to others and express with non-violent communication skills are just a few benefits of this life affirming practice.

All sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals or groups; adults, youth, families or communities.

The sessions can include some or all of the following practices:

Yoga, Breathing, Storytelling

For youth and families, yoga tools are explored through playful adventure stories. Specially designed stories approach specific life challenges with curiosity, inquiry, positive thought and clear communication. In this context body postures are introduced to develop physical awareness and control, mental focus, and to develop tools for the safe release of tension and excess emotional energy in the body.

Breathing Techniques are also introduced in the yoga story to develop tools for calming the mind and regulating the energy in the body. These are re-enforced during the Mindfulness guided relaxation at the end of the session.

Mindfulness, Affirmation, Drumming

Mindfulness games and positive thinking are cultivated in a practical, fun and powerful way. Affirmations are practiced with drumming and percussion to create rhythmic structures that entrain the mind while developing concentration, focus and self-jurisdiction.  Boundaries and respect of self and others is also explored and cultivated through rhythmic games.

Mandala Colouring and Crafts

Traditional Mandalas are graphic symbols of the universe. In this context, circular images of modern life systems ie. animals, arts, earth elements, and culture are coloured to focus the mind in a contained positive life affirming pattern. Simple crafts are sometimes incorporated to make values, commitments and intentions into colourful tangible reminders.